Arrow is the “Occupy Wall Street superhero”

Arrow will be as left wing as his comic-book incarnation, vows showrunner Andrew Kreisberg


Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow

In the comic-books Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, was, like Batman’s Bruce Wayne, a monied heir with a namesake company, but unlike Wayne he was totally devoted to social justice, running for mayor and taking on fat cats, and generally wearing his radical left wing politics firmly on his sleeve.

Talking to the Chicago Tribune, showrunner Andrew Kreisberg vows that the star of The CW’s Arrow will share the politics of his comic-book counterpart, saying, “Since the people that Oliver is targeting are the wealthy and the corrupt, there are some echoes of the One Percenters and Occupy Wall Street within the show.”

That’s not to say he’s a soft touch when it comes to meting out punishment.

“One of the things you’ll see in the early episodes is Arrow always gives the bad guy of the week the opportunity to do the right thing,” said Kreisberg. “When he kills he’ll kill for necessity, for a reason. It’s not random violence.”

Arrow is expected to air on Sky One HD later in the year.