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Are DC trying to cash in on Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Legion Of Super-Heroes movie rumours follow Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy success

Rocket Raccoon in James gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy
Rocket Raccoon in James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

According to the rarely correct rumour station Latino-Review, Warner Bros are sending copies of space-based teen superhero comic Legion Of Super-Heroes out to various screenwriters in order to accept pitches.

As usual no sources are named, so this story plummets right to the bottom of the great Credibility Pyramid, and the site adds, “Post Guardians Of The Galaxy, studios are hot for space properties.”

So are Warner Bros basically rushing in to rip-off Marvel? It’s possible – and you don’t argue with Guardians Of The Galaxy‘s $586 million world-wide box office – but DC have been trying to do their own thing, much to the frustration of fans who try and retrofit the Marvel method to what’s going on.

Superboy leading the Legion Of Super-Heroes
Superboy leading the Legion Of Super-Heroes

Warner Bros have defied expectation so far, so they deserve the benefit of the doubt. After all, they’ve already done a space movie – 2011’s piss-weak Green Lantern.

As to whether a Legion Of Super-Heroes movie would even work? Pfft, didn’t Guardians Of The Galaxy prove that anything is possible?

Like Guardians Of The Galaxy, the Legion Of Super-Heroes are relatively unknown to the general populace, but if anything have an even more devoted fan following.

Unlike Guardians, which has been in and out of publication throughout the years and only came to critical acclaim with an all-new roster in the Noughties, Legion has been a enjoyed almost continuous publication since 1958, based around staple characters such as Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy, and even enjoyed an animated series in 2006, as well as appearances in Smallville and the much-loved Justice League Unlimited.

With Shazam offering a move toward lightness and funsies, it’d be nice if Legion Of Super-Heroes embraced the weirdness of the source material instead of Snydering everything up with a brown or blue filter and loads of falling buildings.

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