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Advertorial: Exploring from my keyboard

Acclaimed genre veteran Kevin J Anderson writes about his new series, Terra Incognita.

Kevin J Anderson by Steve L SearsThose readers familiar with my Saga Of Seven Suns series, or the Dune novels I’ve written with Brian Herbert, have come to expect large-scale science fiction epics from me. SF has always been about new landscapes, strange worlds, sailing beyond the horizon, encountering alien creatures, “to boldly go where no one has gone before” – in other words, venturing into Terra Incognita.

At the core of my Terra Incognita fantasy series is the human spirit of exploration, the persistent racial drive to see the places not marked on any maps. The Edge Of The World (2009), The Map Of All Things (just released), and next year’s finale, The Key To Creation, all have sailing ships and sea monsters, exotic cultures, plus a clash of two lands, rival religions which are just different enough that the two sides can see only the differences, and a set of characters from both sides of the world, ranging from the highest leaders to the lowliest cabin boy.  (And did I mention the sea monsters?)

Captain Kirk is Columbus with a bigger ship and a longer distance to travel. From my keyboard I can explore uncharted shores and mysterious islands as well as visit far-flung alien planets, and sea serpents are just as scary as bug-eyed monsters. Pull up a chair and set sail.

– Kevin J Anderson

Kevin J. Anderson has over 16 million books in print, in 29 languages worldwide. He is the author of The Saga Of The Seven Suns, numerous X-Files and Star Wars novels, and the co-author of the bestselling Dune prequels and sequels. He lives in Colorado with his wife, author Rebecca Moesta.

coverThe Map Of All Things

Author: Kevin J Anderson
Publisher: Orbit
Price: £13.99