Sleepy Hollow Season 2 will be “crazy and very different”

Sleepy Hollow’s resident witch Katia Winter talks Season 2 magic and Ichabby vs Ichatrina

Katia Winter as Katrina in Sleepy Hollow
Katia Winter as Katrina in Sleepy Hollow

The hugely successful, hugely entertaining Sleepy Hollow returns to the UK tomorrow night and Katia Winter, who plays Icahbod Crane’s purgatory-bound witch-ing wife Katrina, tells SciFiNow that the show will only get better.

“The pilot was quite extreme, and I didn’t necessarily think that they were going to continue that route,” she explains. “You know the pilot is usually what catches peoples’ eyes and then they fade, but it’s actually escalated! It’s becoming more and more intense and more and more creatures are coming to life and it’s more scary.”

Katrina has been trapped in purgatory for this season, but Winter reveals that Season Two will see her character take more of a central role. “I’ve been talking to Mark Gothman and Alex Kurtzman a lot about my character for Season Two and there’s some crazy, amazing ideas,”  she enthuses. “I was kind of blown away when I heard what they were planning to do…Season Two is going to be very different from Season One”

One aspect Winter wants to see more of is Katrina’s supernatural abilities. “I definitely want to see her use more magic in Season Two because you know she’s a witch but you haven’t seen her use any magic really.”

Some fans have different priorities, however, such as settling which of the show’s leading ladies Ichabod should end up with: Katrina, or his partner in fighting evil Abbie Mills, if, that is, Ichabod can rescue his wife from purgatory. Winter tells us that the online battle between the Ichabby and Ichatrina factions took her by surprise.

“I know, it’s there because of the fans!” she laughs about the debate. “”The fans are going crazy about Ichabbie and Ichatrina, they get really defensive about it! Which is fun, it’s good to see them so invested! I’m not really sure where I stand, you know, obviously things could change if I get out of purgatory and we meet again and a lot of things are strange.”

“I hope for the sake of the show that they kind of leave that, at least for a little bit. I like the dynamic between Abbie and Ichabod, it’s kind of they’re friends but a little flirty. There’s chemistry there and I think that’s way more exciting than if they were to start dating.”

Winter is sure about one thing, and that’s the fact that it’s time for Katrina to get out of Purgatory and into the modern world. “Oh yes!” she exclaims. “I can’t wait! I do enjoy the flashbacks, the flashbacks are amazing to shoot. But the purgatory stuff has been so painful and Katrina has been through so much and she’s stuck in this hell, so it’s definitely about time that she gets taken out or saved.”

Sleepy Hollow returns on 5 February at 9pm on Universal. You can pre-order Sleepy Hollow: Season One on DVD for £22 at