Merlin Series 5: “He’s becoming much more stronger, focused and powerful”

SciFiNow spoke exclusively with co-creator Julian Murphy on Merlin Series 5

Merlin Season 4 saw King Arthur has yank excalibur from the stone, marry his fair maiden Guinevere, and the knights of the Round Table took their seats. We caught up with co-creator Julian Murphy to see what’s in store for series 5. “We’re very interested in Merlin’s development,” says Murphy, “and Arthur as the king of the Round Table and that legend. The fully fledged Camelot is something we’re getting towards, and that opens up a whole raft of legends and possibilities.”

Merlin has reluctantly killed enemies before to protect the king but as he grows in to the sorcerer of legend, Merlin seems more akin to his badass alter ego, Emrys. This is something the writers are looking to resume when the show returns. “I think it’s interesting because you saw a glimpse at the end of last series, particularly when he killed Agravaine, where he was becoming a much more stronger, focused and powerful character,” adds Murphy, “and we’re really interested in taking him on that journeywith all its dangers and the temptations it will bring, so that will be a big part of the fifth series.”

As for Merlin’s mortal enemy, Morgana, Murphy says he “doesn’t see her getting any less powerful. She’s growing into a stronger and more committed enemy than ever before. The stakes are becoming higher now that Arthur is king and the future of Albion is being created. There’s more for Merlin to fight for and more for him to protect.” It has since been revealed that another enemy will be joining Morgana this series, with actor Alexander Vlahos taking on the role of an older Mordred. Murphy told SciFiNow that “he has a job to do at the end of the story.”

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