Merlin: The Movie

The creators of BBC’s Merlin set their sights on Hollywood

Following Doctor Who’s lead, the creators of Merlin are also looking to hit Hollywood. “It’s something we’re actively discussing,” co-creator Julian Murphy exclusively tells SciFiNow. “I think it lends itself to being a movie. One of the difficulties, though, is it’s slightly tricky to develop a movie while the television series is still on for obvious reasons.” When pressed for more details, Murphy couldn’t say whether they would be using the present cast. “It’s all tied up with plans for the TV series, and you’ve got to be careful that the movie sits in a place where it doesn’t conflict with the series.”

After the revelations of series four, Murphy says this will become a big part of the 13-episode fifth series. “It’s fair to say that an evil character we’ve met before returns, and I think people can probably guess who that is,” he says. “I hope the next series will be as warm-hearted as it always is, but obviously the legendary story of King Arthur and the battle for Camelot is hotting up, so it will have, I hope, a lot of drama and danger.”

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