Microwave Massacre clip Jackie Vernon needs a hand in the kitchen

Jackie Vernon makes a snack in this exclusive clip from cult horror Microwave Massacre

Wayne Berwick’s cult bad taste horror comedy Microwave Massacre is out now on Blu-ray from Arrow Films, and we have an exclusive clip of star Jackie Vernon grabbing a quick snack for you.

Vernon is “Donald, a disgruntled construction worker whose wife’s predilection for haute cuisine drives him to cannibalism.

Donald unwittingly stumbles upon a solution to his two major problems in his life – his nagging wife and his lack of tasty meals – when, one night, he bludgeons his better half to death with a pepper grinder in a drunken rage. Thinking on his feet, Donald dismembers the body and sets about microwaving the remains, which turn out to be rather delicious. Trouble is, now he’s got a taste for human flesh that needs satisfying…”

Microwave Massacre is available now on dual format Blu-ray/DVD from Arrow Video. Keep up with the latest horror news with new issue of SciFiNow.