Magical Adventures In The Forbidden City: Exclusive Trailer

The city borders have been closed due to serious disease in our exclusive trailer for Magical Adventures In The Forbidden City.

magical adventures

Check out this magically explosive trailer for Magical Adventures In The Forbidden City, exclusive to SciFiNow!

If that trailer isn’t enough to get in your head…in your head… [zombie, zombie…] here is a synopsis of the film…

In another world, not unlike our own, a young woman named Abigail lives in a city whose borders were closed many years ago because of a mysterious disease. Her beloved academic father was one of the sick and, like many, mysteriously taken away when she was six years old. Now grown, Abigail is determined to find her father and discover the real secrets lurking beneath the surface of her world.

When she unexpectedly encounters citizens playing with spells, she discovers her city is filled with forbidden sorcery, and she herself possesses extraordinary magical powers. Abigail takes us on an exciting magical adventure, rising against the forces in command, and shows how being brave and following your heart can show anything is possible, if you just believe it.

Magical Adventures In The Forbidden City will be released on DVD and digital platforms on 21 September.