Why you should read…DC: The New Frontier

Gold and Silver.

56d9729fd7a049bb2c97f010.LDC: The New Frontier is a beautiful limited series that tells the tale of the DC Universe’s transition between the Golden Age and Silver Age of comic books. Its success lies in both being a pitch-perfect tribute to all facets of the publisher’s past, as well as characterising the numerous heroes involved perfectly.

It’s essentially a series of vignettes – we see how The Flash lives between moments and witness Hal Jordan crashing behind enemy lines, all set against the politically unstable backdrop of the late Forties, Fifties and Sixties. This is incredible work by Cooke, his background in DC animation winning through with this colourful treasure trove of superhero imagery.

DC: The New Frontier depicts the Cold War through the prism of DC’s most iconic superheroes – it’s a loving tribute to comics of yore, post-modern, in a unique sort of way, but never less than a validating read.

DC: The New Frontier is published by DC Comics in the US and Titan Books in the UK.