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Sur-real estate

Famous SF properties on the auction block.

We’ve all heard about the guy who turned his flat into a Star Trek Mecca, and we’d all buy him a beer if we ever saw him. If you were thinking of doing that, though, and you had money to spare, you might want to think about picking up these real estate bargains at the same time. You know, for completion’s sake.

kentfarm The Kent Farm

Asking price: $2.78 million

Featuring 40 acres of land, a vintage barn, and the possibility for cattle grazing or a vineyard, it’s also the place where Clark Kent began to discover his alter ego as Kal El. At least, on television. The advert even mentions that keeping it in good nick will promote media opportunities – for the price tag, we’d hope so.

47917624_houseThe Amityville House

Asking price: $1.15 million

The house that haunted the dreams of many kids in their youth was actually the real-life site of the grisly DeFoe murders. The high asking price is apparently due to extensive renovation work, although honestly, given its real world history, would you want to live in it?

Picture-21It’s not a bedsit, it’s a flat

Asking price: £425 per week.

How cool is this? For the relatively modest (in comparison to the above) rent, you could live in the flat from Spaced. Granted, if you have the money to fritter you could probably live somewhere a lot nicer, but you can’t argue with the sheer geek cred in having it.

Any more suggestions? Let us know.