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Twilight Transforms

Breaking Dawn’s screenwriter talks about the final two films

He’s the sparkly, veggie vampire. She’s the awkward mortal. But Bella and Edward’s dynamic is set to change in the upcoming Breaking Dawn movie. It’s the penultimate instalment of the Twilight book adaptations set for release November 11, 2011. In issue 50 of SciFiNow (on sale now), screenwriter Mellisa Rosenberg tells us about the major changes fans (and begrudging boyfriends) can expect to see….


The first image from the film, likely to be from the honeymoon scene...

“I find myself writing into scenes things like, ‘This is Bella not fidgeting, not stuttering, this is a different character.’ I do all of this to remind me that we’re in different mode here and it’s Bella kicking ass,” says Rosenberg. “She is a vulnerable, almost dying character in the first half and then suddenly she’s out there, saving people.”

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