Dead Space 2 out tomorrow, is rather scary

Here’s the launch trailer for the survival horror shooter.

EA and Visceral Games’ Dead Space 2 is out tomorrow, the sequel to the 2008, Alien-infused sci-fi horror game. I’ve sampled the first three chapters, so far, and it’s a step up from the original in terms of set piece design – while the first one crawled along for its first five chapters, this one is a better-paced action experience, with plenty of scares for anyone willing to play it in a poorly-lit room.

Don’t tell anyone, but I still enjoyed Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 more than the original Dead Space – though I’ll definitely admit that the latter was more progressive in narrative design.

Anyway, our sister site NowGamer has reviewed the sequel, and has footage of the first 16 minutes of this intense sequel.