Trying something new

Recommendations, anyone?

lazarus10fz8I’m not going to lie – I’m something of an absentee when it comes to sci-fi TV, or at least I have been, for the past two years. Heroes I bailed out of, midway through the third season due to its overall stupidity, Lost was a struggle ever since it moved to Sky1, and, aside from Battlestar Galactica, I’ve missed many of the major series from the past few years.

So, James is making me catch up. I’ve got the DVDs for Supernatural Season One and SGU Season One to watch through, plus I’ve topped up on episodes of Caprica on iTunes. Since I now work on a sci-fi magazine, there’s no reason not to get more involved.

Therefore, I want recommendations. Hit me! I’m caught up with Chuck, but aside from that, I’m wondering what recent series you watch – or have watched – that might be of interest. The more obscure, the better.