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Firefly fan film frustrates

Browncoats: Redemption releases trailer.

I’m usually a big supporter of fan films. I think that they can, done properly, exceed the quality of the original product at times, and there’s such a creative freedom with them that anything in terms of experimentation and originality is possible.

Unfortunately, there’s a large chunk of derivative fan films in every genre that give the practice a bad name. Badly acted, poorly enhanced with CGI and with even worse camera work, they can be cringeworthy and embarrassing.

Often it can depend on the subject matter though, and so I’ve been quietly excited about footage from the largest Firefly fan film out there. Sadly, though, it’s not looking superb from the outset. The direction isn’t of a high quality, it lacks the spark that its source had, and the effects could be better. Granted, this is a very budget production, but a little work with the camera can go a long way on these things. Not to mention the set dressing and design, which is really quite poor.

Still, there are huge points to be awarded for effort and enthusiasm, plus the fact that all proceeds are going to charity. I’m still interested to see what the output is like, but I’m far less excited at the apparent fact than I was at the prospect.