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Want-a-Vision: Top Five Merchandise For WandaVision

From retro T-shirts to cool Funko pops, we run down our Top Five most wanted merchandise inspired by WandaVision…

wanda vision merchandise

Now that the final episode of WandaVision has aired on Disney+, we count down our top five most wanted pieces of merchandise to show our love for the bewitchingly fun first season…

Marvel WandaVision Wanda & Vision Fifties Sweatshirt

WandaVision kicked off as a black-and-white take on Fifties and Sixties sitcoms, smartly adding a splash of colour as the episodes moved on. We love this Googie style jumper that seems to have taken at least some inspiration from Leave It To Beaver (it’s a real show, we promise).

Funko 52044 POP: WandaVision – Wanda (Halloween)

In WandaVision episode six, ‘All-New Halloween Spooktacular!’, viewers got to see Vision and Wanda get into the spirit of the season, adopting their rather dorky-looking original comic-book costumes as Halloween disguises. This new Funko takes inspiration from the episode – Wanda is even holding a pumpkin! Cute.

Marvel WandaVision Wanda and Vision Sixties Moonlight Flight T-Shirt

WandaVision was clearly inspired by the golden age of American sitcoms, especially Sixties comedy classic Bewitched and so is this awesome T-shirt. It’s got us twitching our noses in excitement.

DRAGON VINES WandaVision Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch Vision Comics Poster Canvas Painting Boy room 12x18inch(30x45cm)

wanda vision merchandise

This is an inspired piece of merchandise that would look great on anyone’s wall! The poster for the series was pretty awesome, but check out this new spin on it; mashing together the original comic book art to the new series artwork.

House of M – Ultimate Edition

wanda vision merchandise

No listicle about WandaVision would be complete without talking about House of M. Although not a direct reimagining, it’s hard not to draw parallels between the show and Brian Michael Bendis’ seminal work on grief, hearbreak and reality-bending power…

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