SciFiNow+ Issue 6: Free Massive MCU Preview

Studio Secrets: Kevin Feige on Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Doctor Strange 2… and WandaVision Season Two?

MCU SciFiNow+ Issue 6

The latest issue of your fortnightly digital magazine SciFiNow+ – released exclusively on The Companion – gets the latest on the ambitious new era of the MCU.

  • Our man in Hollywood hears from Marvel Studios kingpin Kevin Feige how WandaVision has changed everything, why you should (Sebastian) stan The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, what we can look forward to in Phase Four of the MCU and what’s cooking for cosmic conjurer-in-chief Doctor Strange. Read it for free here.
  • Our pandemic-TV prayers are answered as Loki goes it alone and Star Wars: The Clone Wars strikes back. Read SciFiNow’s in-depth look at the all-new sci-fi and fantasy treats coming to Disney+ in Spring and Summer 2021.
  • Pump that fist as Falkor sweeps down to carry you back in time to explore the making of The NeverEnding Story with special effects pioneer Brian Johnson. Read the article to discover how animals are far easier to work with than children, and how you go about making something out of Nothing.

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