Get Excited About: Grimm

Forensic fairytales by Buffy/Angel executive producer David Greenwalt

Twisted fairytale-meets-cop-drama series Grimm has us excited. It stars relative unknowns but the executive driving force behind it is none other than former Buffy exec-producer and Angel co-creator David Greenwalt. It’s a crime-of-the-week show where the brutal murders will be loosely inspired by fairytales. A homicide detective will discover he is the last in a long line of Grimms (supernatural hunters).

Greenwalt says, “Most fairytales actually involve some kind of a crime or a horror, like in Cinderella, her sisters actually have their eyes pecked out by birds – so we try to find the crime, then turn the fairytale on its head.” For all the details on this exciting new series, check out the latest issue of SciFiNow, on sale TODAY!

Grimm will air on Watch in the UK early 2012 and NBC in the US on 21 October 2011.