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From the creators of SciFiNow comes the latest edition of the brilliant Horror Handbook series: the guide to Zombie Movies.
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Inside, you can find out all about the life and times of zombie king George A Romero. Discover how he gave (un)life to the shuffling hordes with Night Of The Living Dead, and embraced the sub-genre’s satirical possibilities in Dawn Of The Dead.
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Elsewhere, we pay homage to underrated classics like Zombie Flesh Eaters, Return Of The Living Dead and Braindead, check out foreign gems like [REC] and Dellamorte Dellamore, and remember more recent thrillers like Edgar Wright’s hilarious Shaun Of The Dead and Danny Boyle’s game-changing 28 Days Later.

The Horror Handbook: Zombie Movies digital edition is available to download for just £1.99 from Great Digital Mags now.