Doctor Strange casting rumours include Colin Farrell

Casting rumours for the Sorcerer Supreme continue to expand into unknown universes

Colin Farrell as villain Bullseye in Marvel's Daredevil
Colin Farrell as villain Bullseye in Marvel’s Daredevil

The Doctor Strange movie his quickly becoming a bigger enigma than the man himself as more and more actors keep jumping onto the ‘Might be playing Stephen Strange’ pile. The latest addition to the pile is Irish actor Colin Farrell (In Bruges, Phone Booth), The Wrap reported.

Keanu Reeves and Benedict Cumberbatch are apparently still in the running for the role, but Cumberbatch could have some issues with scheduling film around his commitments to Sherlock and a West End run of Hamlet.

Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club), Justin Theroux (The Leftovers) and Oscar Isaac (Sucker Punch, Star Wars: Episode VII) are squashed somewhere in the middle of the pile, having each expressed an interest in the role too.

However, previous front-runner Joaquin Phoenix can be now be classified as ‘Getting out of the pile and walking away’, as the actor’s publicist has confirmed that “talks are dead, dead, dead. A couple of weeks ago they mutually decided to part ways. It was over before the New York Film Festival.”

Doctor Strange will be released in cinemas on 8 July 2016. For more on the comics that have inspired the movie, pick up our 100 All-Time Greatest Comics bookazine now!