Doctor Who movie from David Yates – are you excited?

Harry Potter director tackles BBC franchise

Yesterday, it was announced that BBC Worldwide was developing a big-screen version of Doctor Who with Harry Potter 5-7.2 director David Yates, the intention being to make it into a big cinematic franchise. Rather than following on from the current series – which Yates praised in the press release announcing the move – it will start afresh. “The notion of the time-travelling Time Lord is such a strong one, because you can express story and drama in any dimension or time,” Yates said.

So what do you think of the prospect of a Doctor Who movie? While a film has been discussed intermittently in the years since the show returned to TV screens, this is the first sign of real progress.

I see it as similar to the situation that faced Smallville and Superman Returns; they will no doubt be two very different takes on the same property, intended for two diverse audiences. While Who is a ratings winner on BBC, it’ll likely lose that Saturday teatime quality in the transition to the realm of big, Hollywood blockbusters, but again – this isn’t a bad thing when Moffat’s excellent era with the franchise is running alongside it. This can only be good for the profile of Doctor Who as a property.

Still, the fun question: who would you like to play the Doctor on the big screen?