CLiNT: the rebirth of the UK comic book industry?

Mark Millar, Jonathan Ross and Frankie Boyle are behind new UK comic book project.

In Mark Millar’s new collaboration with Titan, entitled CLiNT, the Kick-Ass writer and famous figures like Jonathan Ross and Frankie Boyle endeavour to breathe new life into the UK comic book industry. The writer calls it “The Eagle for the 21st Century.”

The heyday of the UK comic book industry predates my interest in the subject, and in the time I’ve been following comic books, there’s been little aside from 2000 AD to really draw me away from the American domination of the medium. It’s nothing against 2000 AD, of course, I just haven’t found the kind of subject matter that connects with me as a reader.

Of course, many of the industry’s biggest writers are from the UK – at the moment, CLiNT is selling on star power, and that’s a great launch strategy. Names like Jonathan Ross and Frankie Boyle will bring people who have never picked up a comic book to the fold. Millar also mentioned that further impressive talent will be unveiled, down the line.

The fact that the sequel to Kick-Ass will debut in its pages will also help. Hopefully, CLiNT will run for a long time and, most importantly, tower above the rest of the pack in terms of quality. I’d love the UK comic book industry to be reactivated again. This is the kind of project that can do it.