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Batman: Arkham City is Arkham Asylum’s sequel

Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel release date is autumn 2011.

If you played last year’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, you would’ve been privy to the greatest videogame involving the Caped Crusader ever to see the light of day, as it captured the essence of what makes the character – and his universe – so engaging. For almost a year, we’ve known a sequel was on the way. Now, we know that sequel is called Batman: Arkham City, and features a maximum security prison based in the heart of Gotham City, populated by the Dark Knight’s greatest ever foes.

According to the cover of an upcoming issue of Game Informer, the game will also feature Catwoman in some capacity. Personally, I think the name Gotham Asylum is a little catchier, but hey, the end product will be the same either way. The game, developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros Interactive, will be released during autumn 2011.