Being Human Series 4 prequels

Watch the prequels ahead of Being Human series 4

Being Human

Being Human is returning to our screens soon on BBC Three and there are some new flatmates moving into Honolulu Heights. You’ll be clued up if you’ve read our in-depth, on-set feature in the latest issue, but the Beeb has treated us to some prequels to get us properly acquainted with Tom and Hal (you can watch these below).

Series creator and writer Toby Whithouse told SciFiNow, “It picks up where series 3 left of, introducing our new vampire, Hal, and we’ll be reintroducing Tom McNair, son of McNair who we met in series 3. We’ll be exploring more of Annie’s powers and her destiny and as promised at the end of last series, we’ll be following the vampires as they try to bring about the age of the vampire.”