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Top 5 best Yu-Gi-Oh! duels of all time

We count down our top 5 Yu-Gi-Oh! duels

Yu-Gi-Oh! returns on 1 February with Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions, featuring the return of the fan-favourite cast of the smash anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.

With new spectacular duels and an original story reviving deep rooted rivalries, The Dark Side of Dimensions has plenty of potential to live up to some of the greatest duels the franchise has ever seen. To celebrate the UK release, here are our top 5 duels…


Full of chaos, scheming and unrelenting suspense, where better to kick this feature off than on top of Alcatraz Tower. A four-way battle between Yugi, Joey, Kaiba and Marik. The battle decides the pairings for the Battle City tournament semi-finals, for which each of the players has an ideal opponent in mind and an epic battle of wits ensues.


A battle of epic proportions between Yugi and Kaiba takes place as a result of Kaiba forcing Yugi’s grandfather into a duel when he refused to sell his rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon card. Yugi travels to KaibaCorp to face Kaiba in what turns into a creative battle of strategy with an epic finale that left Kaiba and audiences speechless. Enter Exodia the Forbidden One!


Set in the Duelist Kingdom, we see Yugi against the creator of Duel Monsters himself, Pegasus. The intense duel spans five episodes in which Yugi is desperately fighting to free his grandfather from the card he is trapped in. It seems an impossible win for Yugi due to Peguses’ upper hand in the game with the use of his Millennium item, the Millennium Eye: effectively giving him an unfair advantage with the power to read Yugi’s mind. This is by far one of the best duels of the series and a must be watched again if you have forgotten how it ends!


Yugi finds himself battling against his best friend Joey in this episode, his physical form anyway (Joey is in fact under Marik’s mind control). The pair face each other on a square pier surrounded by water, they are each chained to an anchor that when dropped, will drag them to the bottom of the ocean. The competition is not only to win the card war, but to win a key unlocking them from their chains. This is the closest Yugi comes to death as the result of a duel creating a much more tense and foreboding atmosphere.


This is Atem’s final battle before his spirit passes on and brings the series to an end after five seasons. In this emotional finale, fans watch Atem duel Yugi in a battle perfectly matched for each other with decks that reflect themselves and the future and the past of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Favourites return to the decks including The Dark Magician, Summon Skull and all three Egyptian God cards. Yugi is able to defeat Atem with his newer cards creating a space for the next generation of Yu-Gi-Oh! Nonetheless, it’s hard for the audience to let go of one of the best characters in the series.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions is in UK cinemas from tomorrow, 1 February. Exclusive pre-sale ticket holders can get their hands on ‘Obelisk the Tormentor’! Get your tickets here.