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Peacemaker: Shooting begins on Season Two

“Day 1 S2”. James Gunn reveals shooting has begun on Peacemaker Season Two.

peacemaker season two

Eat peace, motherf***ers! Yes our favourite foul-mouthed defender of peace (kinda) is back as writer and director James Gunn confirms shooting has begun on Season Two of Peacemaker by sharing the above image.

Gunn confirmed on Instagram last month that Season Two of the DC series would be happening, and that they will be shooting the series and his new Superman movie simultaneously. “I’ve written all the episodes,” Gunn said, “but, no, in the interest of getting the show out there I won’t be able to direct them all (only some).”

Gunn also confirmed back in March that the Waller spin-off series, based on the character Amanda Waller played by Viola Davis in the series, is still happening and that its writers Jeremy Carver and Christal Henry “are hard at work writing great stuff”.

He also clarified that the Waller schedule was “impacted by the strikes” and so that series will come after Peacemaker “in the larger order of things”.

Superman will be released on 11 July 2025. Read our review for Peacemaker Season One here.

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