Top 15 comics that should be the next Walking Dead

Saga, Saucer Country, Happy!, and more should be the next comics to break Hollywood

Saucer Country

There’s no stopping the flood of superhero films (and TV shows) in 2013, but with the more recent successes of Red, Dredd, and The Walking Dead, it is no longer just the Marvel and DC stars that the film world is keeping an eye on. Upcoming titles based on comics include RIPD and Oblivion, along with sequels to Kick-Ass, Sin City, 300 and the aforementioned Red.

While Vertigo remains the development hell of the comics world (one day Sandman, one day), Image was fondly described by top comics scribe Grant Morrison as the “HBO of comics”, and Dark Horse has repositioned itself as the home of horror. The smaller publishers and imprints also have the advantage of producing works owned by their creators, resulting in more audacious works than corporate owned characters often allow. But looking ahead further, what gleaming new gems are ripe for adaptation?

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