Ten of the best… TNG episodes

Some of the finest adventures from the new crew of the Enterprise.

The Next Generation is a strange beast. Loved by some, despised by others (but mostly loved in the science fiction community), it spawned some of the best of Star Trek and some of the worst. Here’s ten of what we consider to be the best episodes of the series. As always, post your additions below…

Update: We should have said, this is in no particular order.


timesarrowpartone44010. Time’s Arrow
Season: 5/6
15 June 1992

Data episodes are usually the more intelligent in The Next Generation’s repertoire, and ‘Time’s Arrow’ embodies that more than most, as Data starts to question and come to terms with his own mortality. Often forgotten, but exceptional nonetheless.


chainofcommandparttwo1219. Chain Of Command
Season: 6
Aired: 14 December 1992

Long before Ronald D Moore introduced waterboarding allegories to Battlestar Galactica, The Next Generation explored them in an uncharacteristically dark and gritty instalment that saw Picard at the mercy of the Cardassians.