Best Sci Fi Books July 2023

Best Sci Fi Books July 2023

We reveal our top Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror book releases for July 2023.

Best scifi books july

The temperature is heating up and if you’re like us here at SciFiTowers, we’ve had one eye on the calendar, counting down to some time in the sunshine with a good book in hand. So here’s our countdown of some of the best sci fi, fantasy and horror books released in July. The perfect accompaniment to a deck chair and ice cream! (Just don’t let the ice cream drip on the pages… makes for sticky reading.)

One by eve smith


Eve Smith

20 July – Orenda

From the author of Off Target. In Eve Smith’s ONE, we are transported to a not-too-distant future plagued by climate change, where the rise of the ONE political party in Britain brings forth a strict one-child policy.

Kai, a devoted follower, works as a ‘baby reaper’ and enforces the one-child law. When she suspects her own family’s violation, she embarks on a race against time to uncover the truth, leading her down a dark path of realisation.

With echoes of V for Vendetta, ONE serves as a stark warning, challenging societal norms and individual sacrifices in the face of adversity.

the pomegranate gate

The Pomegranate Gate

Ariel Kaplan

20 July – Solaris

The Pomegranate Gate, is a captivating fantasy novel steeped in Jewish folklore, set against the backdrop of the Spanish Inquisition.

In a tale of intertwined destinies, Toba Peres, is gifted with linguistic prowess and immerses herself in translating books while concealing her unconventional abilities. Meanwhile, Naftaly Cesques, burdened by his family’s tailoring legacy and plagued by enigmatic visions, embarks on a journey unknowingly entwined with Toba’s fate. As their shared community faces turmoil and persecution, Naftaly defies the Queen’s decree to expel Jews from Sefarad, their homeland, escaping with an enigmatic book, while Toba is drawn to a mysterious figure with piercing orange eyes…

In order to escape, Toba ventures through a pomegranate grove’s enigmatic portal, guided by the orange-eyed stranger where she enters an ancient realm entwined with her own. Here an age-old conflict threatens to shatter both worlds and determine the fate of her and Naftaly. Lost in separate realms, the interwoven perspectives add depth to this richly layered narrative, blending Jewish folklore with fantasy.

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Immortal Longings

Chloe Gong

18 July – Hodderscape

Chloe Gong’s gripping debut – the first installment of the Flesh and False Gods series – blends elements of The Hunger Games with the passion and intrigue of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra.

Set in the perilous capital of San-Er, within the kingdom of Talin, the story unfolds against a backdrop of deadly contests that draw throngs of contenders each year. These contests offer unimaginable wealth to those who possess the ability to jump between bodies.

When Princess Calla enlists in the games for a chance to slay her reclusive uncle, King Kasa she soon realises that the only way to the final is to form an unlikely alliance with Anton Makus; a partnership that ignites an all-consuming passion, forcing Calla to confront a crucial choice: her lover or her kingdom.

Immortal Longings is a smart, imaginative, and gripping epic that defies genre boundaries. A brutal and merciless story with secret plans and betrayals abound, Gong’s unique blend of Asian Futurism and the tragedy of classical romance arrives as an exciting new voice in the first book of what is sure to be an enthralling new series.


Silver Nitrate

Silvia Moreno-Garcia

18 July – Quercus

Silvia Moreno-Garcia, the acclaimed author of Mexican Gothic, delivers another chilling tale in her latest novel, Silver Nitrate.

Set in 1990s Mexico, a mysterious cult horror director Abel Ureta recruits Montserrat, a talented sound editor, and her childhood friend Tristan, a soap opera star, to lift a Nazi curse from an unfinished movie.

As they work to lift the curse, they are confronted by a dark entity and find themselves haunted by their own personal demons. With the backdrop of the competitive world of the film industry, Moreno-Garcia peppers the story with references to legendary directors and horror movie history, anchoring this supernatural tale in a seductively tangible reality.

Silver Nitrate is a dark and heart-pounding supernatural horror story that expertly weaves together elements of occultism, horror movies, Nazism, and mysticism. Perfect for horror movie buffs and fans of Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

After Death

Dean Koontz

18 July – Thomas and Mercer

Dean Koontz, the unparalleled master of suspense, is back with a modern-day Lazarus tale.

Set in a world teetering on the brink of darkness, Michael Mace, head of security at a secretive research facility, awakens in a makeshift morgue after a catastrophic event that claimed the lives of everyone, including his dear friend Shelby Shrewsberry. But Michael discovers that his reawakening has bestowed upon him an extraordinary power beyond imagination—an ability to be as elusive as a ghost.

Driven by a desire to honor his friend’s memory, he embarks on a mission to help those most dear to them, Nina Dozier and her son, John. However, despite the best of intentions, Michael soon awakens the ire of one of LA’s most violent street gangs and a vicious assassin.

Fans of Koontz’s will be thoroughly engrossed with this fast-paced and action-packed narrative; an energetic sci fi twist to what could have otherwise been a conventional thriller

The Sun and the Void

Gabriela Romero Lacruz

25 July – Daphne Press

In Gabriela Romero Lacruz’s debut fantasy novel, The Sun and the Void readers are transported to a richly evocative world inspired by South American history and folklore. With meticulous worldbuilding and a captivating plot, the story follows two young women – Reina and Eva – on their quests for belonging.

Weaving together themes of coloniasm infused with ancient magic, the characters have been crafted with a love and care. Cushioned in a blanket of sumptuous prose and vivid imagery, The Sun and the Void is a mesmerising and immersive fantasy debut into Gabriela Romero Lacruz’s Warring Gods series.

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Boys in the Valley

Philip Fracassi

13 July – Orbit

A chilling folk horror novel, Boys in the Valley transports you to St. Vincent’s Orphanage for Boys, a remote institution in turn-of-the-century Pennsylvania. Here, 30 boys live under the watchful eyes of priests, until one stormy night the death of a wounded man with occult symbols carved into his flesh unleashes an ancient evil that infects the orphanage, causing disturbing changes in the boys and leading to a deadly battle for survival.

Echoing the feel of shows like Midnight Mass and Yellowjackets, Boys in the Valley hones in on coming-of-age themes and shrouds them in an atmosphere of isolation and dread that builds suspensefully until it unleases into a harrowing struggle for survival where terror lurks around every corner and the battle for life and souls takes centre stage.