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5 more wrestlers who should star in superhero movies

5 wrestlers that could follow Dave Batista and Dwayne Johnson into superhero films

With big old Dave Bautista melting hearts aplenty as the comically literal Drax the Destroyer in megahit Guardians Of The Galaxy and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson recently being announced as Black Adam for the upcoming Shazam, what other wrestlers could make the comic-book movie transition?

After all, it’s not as if there’s a wide gulf between the two niches, is there? Like comic- books, wrestling is filled with over-the-top characters, occasionally muddled, over-convoluted plotlines and, er, the odd dodgy attitude. Plus, there’s definite crossover between fanbases.

Here are five lads and lasses that could easily do it, and the characters they could play, should their actors decide to move on…


1. Brock Lesnar as… THE INCREDIBLE HULK

This one’s easy, and it wouldn’t even require any special effects either, as the man’s a genuine monster that probably eats a half a cow for breakfast, washing it all down with about six pints of raw eggs before bench pressing a truck or something.

Just paint him green, dye his hair black, and tell him to smash up some poor stuntman, and immediately you’ve got a belter of a fight scene. For an extra nod towards his day job, maybe get his manager Paul Heyman in a cameo to screech ‘HULK SMASH’ to send the wrassle fans home happy.



Women get a raw deal in WWE. Because the company is stuck in the 1980s and someone in the chain of command clearly seems to hate women, they’re all either nice and smiley, total cows or completely insane. There are no shades of grey.

Therefore, it’s highly likely that there’s a frustrated actress waiting to burst out of the locker room, and it’ll be AJ Lee if anyone. She’d make a cracking Black Widow (Black Widow uses daft wrestling moves in the movies too, remember). Heck, it’s even the name of her submission hold.


3. CM Punk as… WOLVERINE

It’s a natural fit. CM Punk wouldn’t even have to act really, as he’s a self-confessed crabby bugger with a heart of gold in real life too. With awfu- looking mutton chops. Plus, it’s not like he’s busy at the minute now he’s left the wrestling, and Hugh Jackman isn’t getting any younger.

There are the tattoos to deal with obviously, but they could do a reboot where it’s explained that he gets them before his mutation manifested or something. Plus, a Wolverine with straight-edge hardcore band tattoos would go down a treat with people in Shoreditch that ride Segways and get mad haircuts.


4. Dean Ambrose as… THE JOKER

Dean Ambrose’s current shtick is that he will pop up out of nowhere and attack people willy nilly (he’s ambushed someone from a car trunk and out of a giant present because, er, wrestling), and he’s easily the most interesting character in WWE today, just like how The Joker is often the most interesting character in the comics.

It also sort of helps that Ambrose gets compared to Heath Ledger’s Joker a lot thanks to his madman charisma and compelling speaking skills. And his mad hair. He’s off shooting a film at the minute too actually. It’ll be bloody dreadful, but at least he’ll pick up some acting chops, just in time for the inevitable Justice League movie, which should also feature…


5. Vince McMahon as… LEX LUTHER

The big cheese. The alpha male. The top dog. The ultimate wally. Vince McMahon is genuinely more insane IN REAL LIFE than the most maniacal comic book villains. He’s a man that’s made up storylines including a satanic cult trying to sacrifice his daughter (said cult led by him), a man dressed as a giant chicken hatching out an egg, his son being a leprechaun and an 80 year old woman giving birth to a fully formed human hand. There were even rumours of him dreaming up a storyline where he led an army of hobos after faking his death.

He’s nuts. He’s also a ruthless businessman and effortlessly charismatic, much like Luther. He’d also give the ever so slightly po-faced (understatement of the century) DC movies some much needed pantomime silliness and vim. Imagine President Luther doing the Vince McMahon walk. Beautiful.

Can you think of anyone else? Fire in your thoughts to the comments section below.

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