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Competition: win Watchmen goodies

Competition: win Watchmen goodies

To tie in with the 27 July release of Watchmen on DVD and Blu-ray, SciFiNow is offering its readers, web users and assorted forum dwellers the opportunity to win a number of fabulous prizes.

Watchmen deleted scene! DVD & Blu-Ray

Watchmen deleted scene!

To tie in with the release of Watchmen: Director’s Cut on DVD and Blu-ray, a deleted scene from this revision is online for all to enjoy.

Exclusive: Alex Proyas passed on Watchmen

Exclusive: Alex Proyas passed on Watchmen

In a recent interview with SciFiNow, director Alex Proyas disclosed that he was once in the running to direct The Watchmen. Speaking about his career, Proyas noted that there haven’t been many missed opportunities, except one that is.

Theatrical review: Watchmen Cinema

Theatrical review: Watchmen

Released: Out now
Certificate: 18
Director: Zack Snyder
Screenwriters: Alex Tse, David Hayter
Cast: Jackie Earle Haley, Billy Crudup, Malin Akerman
Distributor: Paramount Pictures
Running Time: 160 mins

Interview: Danny Delpurgatorio [Watchmen]

Interview: Danny Delpurgatorio [Watchmen]

SciFiNow recently caught up with Danny Delpurgatorio, one of the co-directors on the Watchmen tie-in Tales Of The Black Freighter, released today. Danny spoke to us about the development of the animated short, Gerard Butler, and his future projects, an edited transcript of the conversation is below.   Can you tell us a little about … Continued