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SciFiNow The Timewarp Collection Vol. 1

The Ultimate Guide To Classic Sci-Fi – over 20 issues of SciFiNow lovingly bundled together…

256 pages of pure retro sci-fi!
This is the first collection of the best Timewarp features from the past 20 issues of SciFiNow. We implore you to unfold the rose-tinted spectacles and gaze lovingly through them at some of the best science fiction films and shows of the past few decades. Marvel at the exploits of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, remember too Sam Beckett’s time-hopping adventures, revisit the good ship Serenity, learn about the history of the Daleks and the Cybermen, travel back through time with Doc Brown and Marty, think back to the first crack of Indy’s whip and enjoy yourself.

Modern classics
The best science fiction shows and films of the modern era, from Babylon 5 to Donnie Darko

Bluffer’s guides
Your one-stop rundown of the coolest retro sci-fi shows from UFO to The Prisoner

Revival guides
Old versus new, original versus remake, good versus bad, from King Kong to Wars Of The Worlds

The complete guides
Everything you need to know about these genre greats including Star Trek, X Files and Doctor Who and much, much more!

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