Westworld Season 1 Episode 9 ‘The Well-Tempered Clavier’ review

Things start to unravel in episode 9 of Westworld. Spoilers ahead…

Even when Westworld is confirming popular fan theories, it still somehow succeeds in pulling the rug out from under our feet.

So it would appear that Bernard is in fact a like-for-like copy of Robert’s former partner, Arnold. For some this will come as no surprise, yet it serves as another example of just how much of a monster Robert is.

His partner dead – apparently at Dolores’ hands, if not her free will – he chooses to replicate him due to some form of twisted nostalgia, only this time the clone is forced to obey his every whim, no longer able to disagree or work against him like his source was.

We’ve found Westworld‘s true villain, and it turns out that it’s the creator of the park.

All of this serves to make the original adversary, the Man in Black seem, well, a little bit pathetic. He’s charging around in god mode doing what he wants, but he still can’t seem to find what that is.

Is he an older William? It’s looking very likely now, thanks to the former’s rage and subsequent massacre of the hosts that were accompanying him bearing an obvious similarity to what looks like his former self.

Again, it’s something we saw coming, but by gradually teasing out this revelation rather than telegraphing it for all to see, it would appear that the creators of the show have made a wise decision. Clearly they’re playing the long game.

The problem? With just one episode left, they have a lot to wrap up. Where is this all leading to? Is Robert’s aim really just to remain a god in his own small corner of the world? And how exactly will Maeve unleash the vengeance she has planned?

All this and more will be answered in next week’s finale. We can’t wait.