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Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 14 ‘Twice As Far’ review

Two supply runs take strange twists in this week’s The Walking Dead

Wow. The Walking Dead can be really cruel – and unpredictable. And very, very cruel.

Just when you think a character’s coming into his or her own and establishing themselves, they are offed, suddenly, just like that. What with all the build up and character development Denise recently had, we assumed she’d be ok for a while. Not so much. An arrow in the head, right after her profound speech. That’s how the show works folks.

It’s a massive shame, as she was a different character – the kind that we wouldn’t expect to still be around in the kind of world this is by this point. She had been sheltered away from the worst of it. Unfortunately, since the new residents in Alexandria opened her and the rest of the populace up to the various threats out there, her days were always numbered. And she will be missed.

Almost joining her is Eugene, who impressively feigns being a traitor (or does he?), before fighting back in possibly the most underhand method seen in the show to date: by literally attempting to bite the member off murderous Saviour Dwight.

Aside from making a tense situation even more painful, he’s also responsible for another excellent quote from Abraham (“You know how to bite a dick Eugene. I mean that with utmost of respect”). We’re glad he’s still here.

Which is more than we can say for Carol, unfortunately. The events of the previous week’s episode having clearly affected her, the end sees her upping sticks and leaving Alexandria. Quite why she thinks this is the best solution isn’t clear, but either way we’re sure she’ll be back. She always is.

So in other words, what initially threatened to showcase The Walking Dead‘s at times irritating propensity for needless filler episodes when there are more pressing issues at hand turns out to be one of its best instalments in a while. And we couldn’t be happier.