Sea Of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong book review

Kelley Armstrong’s inventive Sea Of Shadows is a great start to the Age Of Legends trilogy

After their town is massacred, twins Moira and Ashyn are hunting for sanctuary – and each other – in this first instalment in Kelley Armstrong’s Age Of Legends trilogy.

Although siblings, Armstrong has commendably juxtaposed their personalities, resulting in two very different but both extremely likeable, leads.

Written from both girls’ perspectives, the prose flows effortlessly, with its well-timed switches between the protagonists providing enough suspense to keep us gripped without halting at crucial moments.

Despite a too-comfortably paced start, things pick up – and stay that way – after the town’s attack, with the girls running into various hideouts and creatures they believed to be fictional as they battle through the wastelands to warn those nearby of impending danger.

As fond as we are of traditional supernatural creatures, it’s refreshing to have a break from the typical vamp, were and zombie-fuelled fiction plaguing the sci-fi shelves of late. Armstrong has created completely new monsters, which can be risky, but it pays off handsomely here, highlighting her clear vision for this fictional world.

With leads aged 16, both travelling with male companions, love-struck teen scenes are, frankly, to be expected. However, some may be surprised by Armstrong’s rebellion towards the stereotype. Romance is hinted at, but physical contact and awkward declarations of devotion are kept to a minimum.

In fact, she’s seemingly opted for a more honest route, poking fun at fairy-tale endings and openly expressing Moira’s curiosity towards men in a no-strings-attached fashion.

There is plenty to be enjoyed by those outside the intended target audience, and you’re likely to want to keep an eye out for the remainder of the Age Of Legends trilogy.