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No Hero by Jonathan Wood book review

Jonathan Wood’s No Hero is a gory action-packed ride

Short chapters – almost 70 packed into fewer than 400 pages – and punchy writinng ensure the pace never slows in Jonathan Wood’s No Hero.

It oozes action, as well as gore, with a booby trap-laced trip to Peru proving worthy of a Tomb Raider level and frenzied battle scenes rivalling the Cabin In The Woods finale for sheer chaos and unimaginably hideous supernatural creatures.

There is no expense spared when it comes to Evil Dead levels of blood, and horrific, tentacle spouting mutations are comparable to an [insert letter here]-Virus label from the Umbrella Corporation.

Massively over-the-top, albeit gripping, fight scenes are, however, expertly juxtaposed amongst hilarious scenarios which regularly see the protagonist considerably out of his depth; often in alien entrails.

Oxford detective Arthur Wallace is recruited to work within the allusive MI37 division after witnessing something a little out of this world; pun intended.

The type of guy who is happier watching action on TV rather than living it, Wallace’s resolution to every predicament usually stems from his perceived answer to the question: ‘What would Kurt Russell do?’ As you can imagine, the outcome is often beyond comical.

Each of the characters is likeable, and believable, thanks to their flaws. Their vast skill sets – and even vaster collection of discourteous personality traits – is what makes them a dysfunctional, yet effective, team.

Red herrings are chucked into the plot throughout, keeping you guessing, as well as reading. The conclusion is conclusive – for a change – with the potential, but not necessity, for a sequel. Needless to say, you’ll likely be pleased to hear part two’s due for release later this year.