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Guardians Of The Galaxy DVD review: Ooga Chaka

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy is available to buy, and we’re still hooked on a feeling

Sometimes, the hype surrounding a huge new film can leave you feeling a little dubious, like there’s no point in forming expectations because it won’t live up to them. But sometimes, the film rolls up on opening weekend and completely bowls you over.

Everything you were hoping it would be, it is, and a little more. Guardians Of The Galaxy is one of those films.

It’s not an emotionally charged spectacle of a film, and doesn’t dissect the human condition or the psyche of a killer or even make you think that much; it’s just really, really fun. So much so that it’s almost impossible not to have a good time with it.

One thing to love about Guardians is the soundtrack. All the tracks on the mix tape that plays throughout the film have been lovingly selected to match each scene perfectly, laying down funky beats that make it difficult to sit still on your sofa. That’s not forgetting the script itself, however, which packs a fun and action-packed story, with the dialogue between the leads remaining consistently hilarious.

Which brings us to the characters themselves. Two hours isn’t much time in which to introduce five brand new heroes, as well as an ensemble of villains, but they still manage to be not only well-developed and memorable but iconic.

By the time the two hours have passed and the credits roll, they have worked their way under your skin and into your bloodstream, and suddenly you’re in bed in your pants, clutching your bank card and wondering why you ordered Star Lord’s mask and a dancing Groot bobble head off the internet at 1am.

From a financial point of view, risks don’t really exist; if a film has ‘Marvel’ stamped across the poster, people are going to go and see it. Most of the general movie-going public had never heard of Guardians before the hype started with that trailer at the beginning of the year, but a huge portion went to see it.

There was no way Guardians could have flopped, but it could have left a bitter aftertaste. Instead, they knocked it out of the stratosphere.