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Gerry Anderson’s Gemini Force 1: Black Horizon book review

MG Harris continues the work of the Thunderbirds legend Gerry Anderson in Gemini Force 1

Before the late, great, Supermarionation genius Gerry Anderson passed away he began working on a project that would not require visible puppet strings, part time hand actors or creepy green rings.

This new international rescue squad were to be introduced to the world not by the medium of Supermarionation, but via the pages of a novel.

The action in the first of the Gemini Force 1 series, focuses mainly on youngster, Ben Carrington, born of wealthy, adventurous parents, he has never had to worry about money or his future.

Until, his father tragically dies in a freak climbing accident leaving a beautiful widow and bewildered son at the mercy of the even more wealthy and slightly letchy Jason Truby. Truby persuades the grief stricken pair to join his elite but super top secret rescue team and before you can say “Spectrum is green” they are off saving lives. That is, of course, if Ben can prove himself first.

In true homage to Jeff Tracy et al, the GF1 team live on a base hidden by a Caribbean reef, wear matching outfits and fly a bunch of ludicrously complicated aircraft, one is even a futuristic, pimped up version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

GF1 is slap bang up-to-date, perfect for it’s gadget savvy, young target audience. The rescue missions are exciting although a bit too detailed to fully visualise the action, this may waste some valuable reading time as you re-read in an attempt to work out what the dickens is actually happening.

There is no mistaking the origin of this new and fearless rescue squad and a legacy lives on thanks to the dedication of Anderson’s son, Jamie Anderson, a whole heap of devoted fans and the penmanship of author, MG Harris.

Gemini Force 1 hits the bookshops two years after Anderson’s sad passing.