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Deadpool video review: 5 things you need to know about the film

Check out our video review of Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool is in UK cinemas now. You can read our full review of the film here.

THING 1: It’s hilarious 

Odds are you’re going to start laughing from the first frame and not stop until the end. And not just pushing more air out your nose then usual laughter. Proper piss-yourself snorting laughter. Particularly at TJ Miller’s take on Weasel. He’s a genius. Most of the PG-13 jokes were spoilt by the trailers but that’s okay. The rest are filth. Some are questionable, and a few will make you wonder if you’re a bad person for laughing at them. In all honesty, if Deadpool wasn’t funny it probably wouldn’t be any good. There isn’t much underneath the gags. But who cares?

THING 2: Ryan Reynolds is a gift 

You already knew that. He’s always a gift. Except maybe that time he was in that other superhero movie, but I think most of us have tried to forget about that. He steps it up a notch for this, however. After the months of trailers, posters and flirty promo clips, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds is probably more Deadpool than Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. He’s hilarious, he’s emotional, he’s got a great ass… He’s just brilliant. The film may not be perfect but Ryan Reynolds is.

THING 3: Negasonic and Colossus actually aren’t in it much 

Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus were featured heavily in the ad campaign but they’re both not in the actual film nearly as much as we’d like. You could probably fit all their dialogue combined on one of your fingers if you wrote really small. The same with Angel Dust. Deadpool’s taxi driver has more lines than these guys, but, to be fair, Deadpool’s taxi driver is one of the best characters in the film. I’d watch a spinoff series solely about Dopinder the taxi driver. That would be so good. I’m starting a Dopinder fan club.

THING 4: The soundtrack is cracking

Junkie XL’s score is the shit. Think Mad Max but better. Well, maybe not better, but as good as. And then there are the songs. The film opens with Juice Newton’s Angel Of The morning, and then it’s only uphill from there. DMX. Salt N Pepa. Wham! You’ll be swaying. You’ll be singing along. You’ll be in pain when your movie buddy elbows you in the ribs for singing. One of my main quibbles with Deadpool would be there could have been more power ballads, but what it has are wonderful.

THING 5: It probably shouldn’t be a 15

Anyone who was worried about Deadpool having a 15 age certificate should stop worrying now. It could easily have been an 18 and not been disappointment. It’s quite “X-rated”. There are strap-ons, there are molestation jokes, Deadpool has some special Deadpool time with a toy unicorn and a box of tissues. The gore is also very gory. You can almost feel the pain through the theatre. People get beaten up. Some get disemboweled. One ends up as a human kebab. If you struggled to keep your popcorn down during 127 Hours, you’re going to struggle with this.