Captain Marvel film review: she is the captain now

Captain Marvel wows in this epic, adrenaline-fuelled adventure

Just when we thought there was nobody left to meet in the MCU, we get Captain Marvel, the origin story of a Kree warrior hero with strange memories of Earth that don’t make sense to her. As she finds herself back on her home planet, she must reconnect with the world she has forgotten and the powers she is yet to fully understand in order to stop a war that is plaguing countless lives.

At the heart of this epic tale is the fierce and determined Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, wonderfully brought to life by Brie Larson. Carol is not one to suffer fools gladly but she has a way to go before fully embracing everything that she is – human and beyond.

Epic space battles and fight sequences abound in this epic and adrenaline-fuelled adventure that takes us to the far reaches of space and through the intensity of pilot training back on Earth. And though many of the film’s biggest moments were already thrown into the trailers, the journey there is just so much fun that it doesn’t really matter if some of the shock value has gone. There are still plenty of surprises that will both move and delight fans.

Sufficient time is also still given to the different supporting characters, including Carol’s best friend Maria (Lashana Lynch), Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) and Yon-Rogg (Jude Law). Even, ahem, newcomer Coulson (Clark Gregg) manages to make a lasting impression. (He’ll do great things that one. Take it from us.)

Of course, there’s also a far younger and far less cynical Nick Fury (played beautifully by Samuel L. Jackson). This younger 90s-era Fury is not just deadpan funny – he’s funny funny, not to mention a sucker for a cute cat…he even sings! Pairing him with a no-nonsense Carol Danvers means that hidden in amongst the space battles and alien races is one of the best buddy comedies of recent years.

There are calmer moments dotted about but these slower scenes are necessary and important and lead brilliantly into whatever comes next.

Eighties babies will find particular delight not only in the superb nineties music but also the many tech gags and TV references littered throughout the film. From slow internet waiting times to the Fresh Prince, it’s all there.

Overall, the film doesn’t carry quite the same emotional weight as other recent Marvel outings – but it doesn’t matter. We don’t come to Carol to have our hearts broken (well, not yet…). For this origin story, it’s more about Carol Danvers’ journey of self-discovery and all the fun, friendships and delicious one-liners. Seeing how she begins to reach her potential and embrace who she is makes for an amazing adventure for all ages. Captain Marvel is a riotous explosion of fun and spectacle, with a badass heroine at its core. With it, we get to know the woman who’s about to get us through the Endgame. And, rest assured, we are in very good, not-to-be-messed-with hands.