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Monolith: Lily Sullivan stars in dark sci-fi thriller

Check out the intense trailer for alien sci-fi thriller, Monolith…


An alien podcast gets a little too close to the truth in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Monolith, which will be out on digital next month.

Check out the tense trailer here…

Monolith follows a disgraced journalist who tries to salvage her career by turning to investigative podcasting. While trying to get to the bottom of a strange artefact that may be linked to an alien conspiracy, she begins to uncover the truth and lies at the heart of her own story.

Directed by Matt Velsey in his feature debut, the movie stars Lily Sullivan (Evil Dead Rise), Ling Cooper Tang (The Secrets She Keeps), and Ansuya Nathan (The Tourist).

Monolith is on UK and Ireland digital platforms from 26 February.

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