Why you need to be watching Cops And Monsters

The lowdown on Cops And Monsters and how you can keep it going

Of all the things to thank Kickstarter for, we can now add supernatural web drama Cops And Monsters to the list. Having recently surpassed the target for the series’ fourth episode, creator Fraser Coull is looking ahead to a fifth – and judging by the synopsis he provides us with, this is something you’ll want to see.

Cops And Monsters delves into a near-future Scotland, where the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland (PITS) work the cases from the supernatural community,” Coull tells us. “Our show follows the Glasgow division as Commander Norris Fletcher (Simon Weir) polices the vampires, werewolves and zombies with his team made up of newcomer Maya Hedges (Ellen Patterson), who is seeking answers for why her parents were murdered randomly by a pack of werewolves, and hacker with a heart Martin Carmichael (Kenny Boyle).

“Volume 1 of our show, consisting of five episodes, follows the case of Lycan A202, a dangerous and volatile werewolf who is suspected to be on a killing spree, forcing Maya and Martin to investigate and find the werewolf before the Minister of Justice (Chris Bain) convinces the Deputy First Minister to use the SPIDERS (Supernatural Identification Executive Regiment Scotland) to do the job for them. Little do either side know that the entire scheme is being orchestrated by supernatural supremacist, The Cult of Many Faces (Billy Kirkwood).”

Martin Carmichael and Maya Hedges - characters in 'Cops and Monsters' in Glasgow Flat Location - 18 July 2015
Newcomer Ellen Patterson and Kenny Boyle (Doctor Who: Besieged) in Cops And Monsters. Photo: Dougie Coull Photography

Furthering its geek credentials are the treasure trove of genre stars who are showing up. Sophie Aldred (aka Ace in Doctor Who) is appearing in the fourth episode, and fellow Who alumni Caitlin Blackwood (the young Amy Pond) and Sarah Louise Madison (a Weeping Angel) are on board. For her part, Aldred is clearly enthusiastic about being involved.

I’m delighted to be a part of Cops And Monsters, having heard about it via Twitter and from pals on the convention circuit.

“I just think it’s so brilliant that the democratic process of Kickstarter projects means that talented people can make the stuff they really want to do and the people who want to see/hear it can be involved too. It’s worked well for the great audio projects I’ve done – Strangeness In Space, Minister Of Chance – and I’m looking forward to joining the team and having some fun!

Caitlin Blackwood and Billy Kirkwood Filming a promotional 'Cops and Monsters' video - 24 May 2015
Caitlin Blackwood (Doctor Who) and Billy Kirkwood (Vera) are also both on board. Photo: Dougie Coull Photography

There’s creative license for even more episodes – which Coull admits is the ultimate aim while teasing what else is ahead:

“What can people expect from the future of the show? More cops and hopefully a lot more monsters! We’ve spent a lot of time building the world of the show, the arc of each character, and we’ve left plenty of strands and cliffhangers to build towards a second series, funding dependent!”

You can contribute to the Cops And Monsters Kickstarter campaign here, watch the first episode here, and the rest of the series at copsandmonsters.co.uk.