Avatar 2: some thoughts and predictions

Bringing you a rundown on the elements we do (and don’t) want in an Avatar sequel.

Picture 1In a recent interview with MTV, James Cameron announced that Avatar 2 is on the cards, and that he is currently putting together a script. Where this isn’t that surprising, and it was always the director’s intention to turn this film into a franchise, we can only speculate as to what expect from an Avatar sequel.

Below we have compiled a list of elements, omissions and general adjustments that we’d like to see in an Avatar follow-up.

Universal appeal

Pandora was a revelation and something to gaze wondrously at in 3D. But in order to really showcase the planet’s beauty, Avatar 2 shouldn’t be primarily based at this location. Instead, this sequel would greatly benefit if another planet – or planets – were to be introduced. That way we get a neat contrast between the lush jungle planet of the Na’vi, and an entirely new array of planet. That’s something well worth exploring, Mr Cameron.

Story focus

In the 16 years Cameron spent creating Avatar, its fair to say that this time wasn’t dedicated to honing down the story. It was all about getting the effects right, which he most certainly did. So with that all done and dusted, and the ‘look’ of Avatar established, we propose that he seek input from additional writers on this sequel. Some of Cameron’s best screenplays were written with a little bit of collaboration – Terminator, T2: Judgement Day, Aliens – so this is definitely a point worth considering.

A new baddie on the block

Yes Colonel Quaritch was ace and all that, but wouldn’t further Avatar adventures benefit from a villain with more depth? Maybe the sequel could feature a Khan-esque Na’vi outcast spreading terror on Pandora? Or a human foe with more of a personal grudge to inflict on the planet’s population. Either way, our next Avatar fix definitely has to include a baddie that isn’t just of the scene-chomping military man variety.

The end credits… earlier

Avatar was long, so long that the surprisingly light 3D glasses started to weigh heavy on our collective noses. In this respect we’d like a leaner sequel please.

Let us know what you want from an Avatar sequel below.