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What We Do In The Shadows sequel is coming

What We Do In The Shadows might be getting a sequel! AAAAAAARGH!

Vladislav, Viago and xxxx celebrate the news
Vladislav, Viago and Deacon celebrate the news

Fans of Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s film What We Do In The Shadows will soon be able to sink their teeth into more of Vladislav, Viago and Deacon’s hilarious antics: Clement has confirmed that a sequel to the vampire mockumentary is on the way.

In an interview with Seattle Times, Clement said that the sequel is “in the planning stages”, and will revolve around Rhys Darby’s werewolf (not swear-wolf) Anton. The comment appears to be a little bit of a throwaway one, but we’re putting all of our faith into it and taking it as fact.


Clement also recently revealed he and Waititi were working on another extension of the What We Do In The Shadows world, but this one in the form of a TV series.

Speaking to the AV Club, he said: “Me and Taika have pitched a TV show in New Zealand. Do you remember What We Do In The Shadows’ cop characters? The male and female cops [played by Karen O’Leary and and Mike Minogue]? We’ve pitched a show for those two cops in New Zealand and we’ve made a mini-pilot.

“At the moment it’s a paranormal activity division of the New Zealand Police Department. But we’ve already been told before we even handed it in that there’s no money for comedy and that TVNZ tried to make a comedy about a real estate agent and it didn’t go very well so they’re probably not going to do another one. But we still handed it in.”

Both projects are still in the very early stages but, frankly, we’ll take anything we can get.

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