Westworld Season 2 confirmed – not for a while though

Find out when you will be able to watch Westworld Season 2

In news that will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, it has been confirmed that HBO is renewing Westworld for a second season of ten episodes.

Considering that it has averaged viewing numbers of 11.7 million – more than even Game Of Thrones – this was always coming. Regardless, it’s nice news to hear – this is one of the most transparently expensive-looking shows we’ve seen on TV, so the fact that it has already been deemed enough of a success to warrant renewal has to be a good thing.

However, those pencilling October 2017 into their diaries may want to stay their writing hand, as Season Two won’t be hitting screens until an unspecified time in 2018.

Again, this is nothing to worry about – apart from being expensive, it’s a sophisticated and multi-layered show, with the amount of fan theories it has spawned standing as testament to the sheer amount of depth on show.

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HBO programming president Casey Bloys clearly has confidence in showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, even if he admiited to not knowing where things are heading in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “Jonah and Lisa great storytellers. I didn’t know exactly what to expect in Season Two. And what they came up with is as exciting, mysterious and as fun as season one. And completely original, as well.”

Furthermore, although the shit has majorly hit the fan in recent episodes, don’t expect wholesale changes for the new season. Whatever goes down in the remaining episodes, it won’t reinvent its brilliant wheel. “We’re happy with the directions all shows are headed a the end of their seasons and into their second seasons. I wouldn’t look for any major changes.”

Westworld Season One is currently airing on Tuesday nights on Sky Atlantic. For all the latest TV news, pick up the new issue of SciFiNow.