Warner Bros and DC developing a Blue Beetle film

There’s a Blue Beetle movie in the works from DC and Warner Bros

DC and Warner Bros’ upcoming film slate is looking more packed than ever, what with the likes of Birds Of PreyShazam!Flashpoint and more on the horizon. But that’s clearly not enough, judging by the fact that the team has added another project: Blue Beetle.

Warner Bros has already tapped Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer (the writer responsible for Universal’s Scarface remake) to pen the screenplay, and Zev Foreman is on board as an executive producer.

For those unfamiliar with Blue Beetle, the character first debuted in 1939 with superpowers derived from a scarab. Interestingly, the hero was created by Fox Comics, but later passed hands to Charlton Comics and then DC, which now owns the rights to the character.

Blue Beetle’s first alter ego was Fan Garrett, a super-powered police officer who fought crime, and his second was Ted Kord, Garrett’s powerless student who continued his work.

Now, the Beetle is Jaime Reyes, a Mexican-American man who first appeared in DC Comics in 2006. He was created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers and Cully Hamner, and is the version of the character set to appear int he film.

Reyes gained his powers when a sacred scarab beetle came alive and grafted itself to the based of his spine and provided him with a suit of extraterrestrial armour. Reyes worked with Ted Kord’s best friend and former teammate Booster Gold, who inducted him into the Teen Titans.

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