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Tuesday tweets

SciFiNow brings you the best tweets from the past week.

twitter_256x256SciFiNow is back after a short break to bring you a lovely steaming batch of sci-fi orientated tweets. Enjoy!

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Halloween 2 is finally 100% done. God damn nothing like waiting until the last second, eh?”

We, er, can’t wait to see it Rob.



“certainly worth giving D9 your money.. if for no other reason than it will give the studios balls to give me my budget for MUTE! ;)”

The Moon helmer talks District 9 and his own pet project.



Just did a Feed the Birds in episode three of Castle. Also, tried to squeeze in obscure Firefly reference. Bam, said the lady.

Fillion’s love for the sci-fi series seeps into his current TV series.



In the edit suite building the Stark Expo.

Favs starts work on what will (with hope) be an awesome scene in this sequel.



i’ve just decided that my next movie is going to be an alien refugee porn title DISTRICT 69″

The Fanboys helmer contemplates a career in adult filmmaking.