Tron 3 casting: Tron Legacy stars will return

Find out which fan favourites will return for the Joseph Kosinski-directed prequel

Despite the lukewarm-at-best critical reception to 2010’s Tron: Legacy (the SciFiNow team’s views are pretty mixed), it seems that Disney are pressing ahead with the third film in the Tron franchise (currently titled Tron: Ascension, depending on which reports you believe). The $400 million in box-office takings from Legacy are probably a large part of the reason for their actions.

Adding much-needed credibility to the film – which at this rate will be released 6-7 years after Tron: Legacy, which isn’t as long as the gap between that and Tron, but still – is the fact that Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde will both apparently be returning to the roles of Sam Flynn and Quorra, accoring to The Hollywood Reporter.

Tron 3 Quorra
Olivia Wilde will reprise the role of Quorra in Tron 3


There’s no news on Jeff Bridges yet (and considering what happened to his character(s) at the end of Legacy, we’re not expecting any), although as the undisputed star of the series, we wouldn’t bet against seeing him return in some form.

It is expected to start shooting this year in Vancouver, with frequent Joseph Kosinski collaborator Justin Spring on board again as producer.

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