The X-Files reboot looks like it might be a real thing

Fox makes promising noises about a new X-Files series but what’s holding it back?

The X-Files Post Modern PrometheusLast week, Gillian Anderson said that she would love to return to The X-Files. She even got a hashtag going. Well, turns out that Fox might not be opposed to the idea either.

Deadline reports that Fox is indeed interested in bringing back Special Agents Mulder and Scully, with executives confirming “logistical” talks about how to fit the series into the schedules of Anderson, David Duchovny and the show’s creator Chris Carter.

Carter’s availability is presumably less of an issue now that Amazon has decided it doesn’t want his show The After after all, but Duchovny and Anderson have pretty hectic schedules. The former is starring in Aquarius, a series about Charles Manson, and Anderson has a bigger commitment to Hannibal this year, while she’s been a consistent presence on English screens with The Fall and an upcoming War And Peace adaptation.

So, we might be in for a bit of a wait while we see if the principals can work out their timetables. It certainly seems like everyone involved wants it, but do you want to see The X-Files return? And where are Doggett and Reyes in all of this? Well, Doggett anyway.

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