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The Tron legacy

With the release of the first Jeff Bridges picture comes a look at Tron’s legacy through the last 20 years.

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Although the first picture of Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy is somewhat, shall we say, uninspired, the Tron franchise as a whole has been a stalwart of the science-fiction genre since the original film’s release in 1982.

Below, behold the glory of Tron in film and videogames.

tron_large_02Tron (1982)

The lingua franca of geekdom, Tron made a huge impact on its release, not just for its near revolutionary use of computer graphics in the now infamous scenes that have been so parodied and reused over the year.

3188_1_fs_gmTron (VG) (1982)

Also an instantly recognisable symbol, the coin-operated arcade game actually earned more than the film did on its original theatrical release. However, the blue and yellow lightcycle trails were the wrong way around.

img_3698Discs Of Tron (VG) (1983)

Originally intended as a fifth act to the Tron arcade game, Discs Of Tron was instead released in a limited capacity in various districts. An Xbox Live Arcade port was released last year.

g129Tron 2.0 (VG)

Released in 2003, Tron 2.0 was a first-person shooter game that actually received a number of positive reviews, despite its completely linear gameplay and lack of opportunity to personalise through dialogue.

tron_legacy-2Tron Legacy (2010)

Set long after the original Tron, Legacy will apparently make extensive use of CGI to make Jeff Bridges look young again. Also, the light bikes look pretty cool, but that’s essentially what we know about it outside of the official synopsis.

Tron_Evolution_GameTron: Evolution (VG) (2010)

As seems to be the norm these days, the new film will be getting a tie-in game, which will be released through Disney Interactive in November. Little is known about it, outside of the fact that it will be an action-adventure game.