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The Sci-Fi coalition cabinet

The heroes and villains of our SF hung parliament.

If any of you have been following the news for the last week, you’ll know that the UK Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties agreed to enter a coalition government last night, ousting the Labour party, which has been in power since 1997.

While the political guile and intrigue surrounding the backroom debates and deals provided enough fervour over the last seven days to put even the most seasoned political journalist in the delirious section of sleep deprivation, it has given rise to something even better than a government made out of ideologically opposite partners: The Sci-Fi (Selected) Grand Coalition Cabinet. See below.

B5-88Prime Minister

The Rt Hon Londo Mollari MP

Right, so he may have introduced draconian legislation on his own people, made deals with some questionable associates and launched an unjust war to occupy another nation, but at least he’d be following precedent.

clegg-reaches-out-to-islam-$7018138$300Deputy Prime Minister

The Rt Hon Salacious B Crumb MP

Also known as Jabba’s Little Mate. Because if we’re being completely objective about this, a court jester will probably have more efficacy when it comes to policy decisions.

leprechaun4Chancellor Of The Exchequer

The Rt Hon Leprechaun MP

Let’s face it: With a deficit filled with more zeros than is comprehensible (and to do so would reduce you to a gibbering wreck of Lovecraftian proportions), what we need is a man who is willing to do anything, and we mean anything, to get the Crown’s shekels back.